Sessions and Times

Opening hours

Rainbow is open at the following times, term time only.

Monday 9-3
Tuesday 9-3
Wednesday 9-1
Thursday 9-1
Friday 9-1

Sessions and Lunch Club

Children attend the preschool in sessions of 3, 4 or 6 hours.

Doors open between 8.50 – 9.15am, children arrive between these times. Collection is either 12pm or stay for the lunch club until 1pm (or leave at 3pm Monday and Tuesday afternoons).

Lunch club is open each day

A typical morning at Rainbow!

8.50 – 9.15am – Children arrive and children collect their name card from the tray in the foyer and their parent/carer signs them into the signing in book. The staff member on the door greets the child, who then puts their name card in the box just inside the door and puts their coat and bag on their chair. Lunch bags are put onto the lunch trolley and children put their pictures on the lunch club wall if they are staying for lunch. Children settle in and parents/carers leave.

9.30 – show and tell/mat time – children sit together with staff taking turns to show objects they have brought from home to show which helps to develop their self-esteem and confidence with speaking within a group. Children are encouraged to sit quietly and listen until it is their turn, developing their skills with listening and attention.

10.00 snack time- children take it in turns to sit at the snack table with their peers, hand their name card to the staff member, pour their cup of milk or water from the jug and have a piece of fresh fruit and a bread based snack.

10.50 tidy up time – all children help staff to tidy up the toys and equipment

11.00 – mat time –  the children sit together with the staff and talk about the weather, seasons, date, days of the week, months of the year, listen to a story and sing songs and rhymes.

11.10 – outdoor play time – the children will put their coats/ wellies/ sun hats on and line up ready to walk round to our garden together, singing The Grand Old Duke of York as they go. Once in the garden, children can choose which of the toys, trikes, scooters etc or activities they would like to play with. We have a paved area which is perfect for riding the trikes, scooters and ride in cars, a sand tray, a grassed area with a climbing frame and slide, a wendy house, balls and a covered area which is perfect for craft activities, looking closely at mini beasts the children find using magnifying glasses and recording what they find and sharing stories.  The planting area has a mud kitchen, digging area and equipment for growing/planting vegetables and flowers.

12.00 – those children who are leaving the session will wait on their chairs for their parent/carer to come into the hall and collect them. The children who are staying until 1.00 will sit at the lunch club tables with staff for table activities.

12.15 – the children help staff to tidy the toys away, wash their hands and then sit and eat their lunch together.

1.00 – when you arrive to collect your child, they will be brought to the hall door to meet you with all their belongings and any art work that they have made during the session.